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The PVC film is compounded on the surface of the aluminum penal to form an inner steel outer flexible decorative penal through technological technology. Colored and printed with different wood grains. It feels like real wood. Wood grain PVC film lamination panel is an ideal material for interior decoration, office buildings, hospitals, schools and other interior decoration fields.

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It is also eco-friendly, odorless, non-toxic, healthy, waterproof, non-fading, anti-corrosion, scratch-resistant, moisture-proof, easy to clean, high hydrophobicity, high tensile strength and elongation at break. At the same time, it has the characteristics of high UV resistance and high weather resistance, which Effectively prolong the service life of profiles. A variety of styles and colors are available, beautiful and fashionable, with bright colors. It is commonly used in interior decoration, widely used in cabinets, bathrooms, electrical appliances, etc.

Next, focus on the performance and characteristics of PVC film lamination panel.

Characteristics of PVC metal coated penal

The pvc metal-coated penal is a kind of double-way polymer material epoxy resin plastic film and metal penal, which has the characteristics of high-quality deep drawing resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and decorative arts more than the traditional printed tinplate. characteristics of metal composites. This feature determines that the pvc metal laminated board can use the metal penal as the penal, which can quickly and accurately print the packaging and printing plastic film composite type. Therefore, the laminated metal penal greatly reduces the cost of raw materials.

The coated metal penal has high-quality performance

① The anti-corrosion and anti-rust characteristics of pvc-coated metal penals are incomparable to architectural paint panels. Because they are sandwich panels of plastic films, architectural paint panels have differences in corrosion resistance and adhesion. In terms of coated pvc metal penal, it can be solved casually. For food cans such as tomato cans and two-piece cans, pvc metal coated penal is an ideal raw material.

② The appearance of the pvc-coated metal penal is smooth and smooth, with good decorative art and good touch.


③ The metal penal covered with pvc film has good organic chemical reliability, good weather resistance, anti-aging, and can be integrated into harsh environments without falling off and rusting.

④ The pvc metal-coated penal has high-quality production and processing performance, deep drawing resistance, wear resistance, and is not easy to be damaged in production and processing. Because of its smooth surface and moisturizing effect, it is easier to form in the production and processing of metal barrels.

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