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Class a fireproof composite metal panels

Compared with aluminum plastic composite panels

Single aluminum plate and stone materials

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Class A Fireproof
Composite Metal Panels
Single Aluminum Plate Stone Material Aluminum Plastic
Composite Panel


Class A fireproof metal composite plate is used with fireproof mineral core, at extreme high temperatures that it will not ignore, help to combust or release any toxic gases, It really achieves that there is no falling objects or spread when the products is exposed in fire. Single Aluminum Plate mainly made of aluminum alloy material, high temperature around 650 degrees to melt.


Fireproof rate is Class A for Stone materials.


Aluminum plastic composite panel body material is plastic, the highest fire rating B1 level, at high temperatures will block burn, and it will produce toxic gases and drip after burning plastic, It is easy to ignite other objects. Many countries tall building have banned to use.


Class A fireproof composite panels uses
an inorganic core. Detected by the state
authority, internal exposure index
reached 0.01 (National Standards ≤1.3),
It has good insulation properties.
Aluminum has good thermal conductivity, single aluminum plate don't have good insulation function. Natural stone, high thermal conductivity, fast heat conduction, poor insulation effect. Higher thermal conductivity of plastics, aluminum composite panel and therefore have poor insulation.


Our Class A fireproof metal composite panels nave the unique advantage of easy installation, and can be adjusted according to site-specific construction cases, this can be done precise size, system construction convenient, ordinary workers can install 40 square meter per day, greatly shorten the construction period ensure project closeout rapid and cost savings. Single Aluminum Plate manufacturing process is complicated and the leadtime is quite long, need to be transported to the construction site for  installation, can not achieve onsite cutting, require high accuracy and precision of construction drawings. It's not only difficult to transport but also costs a lot. Stone is mainly used with Tee installation and the back yard or

bolt connection, the need drilling or grooving, drilling or slotting stress can lead to damage of the while construction is low, ordinary workers can install 5 square meter per day, this has led to an increasing in labor costs and working period.




Our company's Class A fireproof metal composite panels plate  thickness of 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, etc., an Inorganic core and having a good ductility and physical make a variety or shapes, the minimum radius of curvature reach 30cm. A fire metal composite panels with high strength, can withstand a certain degree of shock, vibration and pressure. Afire metal composite panels with light weight, the weight of the sheet of 4mm 7.8p per SQM, Having a muti-layer composite, not deformed. Pure aluminum generally uses AA 1100 aluminum plate or aluminum alloy plate AA3003, generally domestic use 443003 aluminum plate. Stone is thicker, heavier,  therefore the weight  per square meter weight, which increases the keel relative requirements, to mention a long cost. Stone compression, shock, impact antibodies poor, easily broken. Stone was unable to make a variety of shaped  and shapes. It is difficult to express the characteristics of the designer’s idea. Aluminum plate, lighter weight, but with low strength, and poor impact resistance.


Class A fireproof metal composite panels using roll coating process, the board is always in the temperature curve point, no color changes during the roll coating process.
Roller is a pressurized printing style painting, film and painting the entire surface of the non granular, non-porous.
The boar is extremely smooth, very smooth surface, contaminant can not be penetrated, green and beautiful, not fade for a long time on deformation
Single Aluminum plate is used by the method or spraying process, during spraying the board is always in temperature curve, prone to chromatic aberration. Spray painting is an electrostatic floating suction, the entire coating film and the surface is deposited by the particles and micropores, the board can do relatively flat, smooth surface, but also likely to be contaminated. Hard surface cleaning, and fugitive deformation. Color is restricted by natural causes, color is single with a clear color difference between the two stones, the board easy to fad with the passage of time. Aluminum plastic composite panel core main material for plastic, long prone to thermal expansion and contraction drum kits, cracks, affecting the appearance.


Use environment friendly inorganic core for this panel. It contains no asbestos. Formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful radioactive elements. Aluminum is non-renewable resources, limited quantity, production process is high energy consumption, high pollution, products are ruled out. Stone has complex composition, containing various metal elements inside and the radiation can be lethal, mostly the element of hydrogen.  


We have the price advantage of the men material.
Keel and other supportive materials require less, and can save costs.
Quick and easy construction.
Reduce labor costs and shorter duration, project closeout rapidly.
The main material prices are higher.
It can be recovered, with some cost return.
The main material is relatively higher and supportive materials like keels require more costs.
Complicated construction and higher labor cost long construction period, easy to fall off, not safe.
The production cost is very low for this panel.

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