What is visible light photocatalysis? What is the principle of visible light photocatalysis? Why use visible light photocatalysis?

What is visible light photocatalysis? 

Visible light photocatalysis refers to the photocatalytic oxidation and degradation of photocatalyst under visible light conditions. 

What is the principle of visible light photocatalysis?

Visible light catalytic principle is based on visible light irradiation light catalyst, catalyst valence band of light ground state electron transition to the conduction band, produce light born born hole and light electronic, light hole with the water molecules to generate hydroxyl free radicals, electrons and oxygen molecule reaction generates super oxygen anion, and holes, hydroxyl radicals and superoxide anion production, Reactive oxygen species can degrade odor molecules, organic matter, bacteria and other pollutants into water and carbon dioxide and other small molecules. A small amount of N, S and P in organic matter will generate nitrate, sulfate, phosphate and so on after degradation, so as to play a detoxification, deodorization and sterilization effect. Visible light photocatalytic coating technology provides a new green solution for indoor and outdoor air environment treatment. 


Why use visible light photocatalysis? 

According to the description in the national standard GB/T 17683.1-1999, the ultraviolet light in the sun only accounts for 7%, the visible light accounts for 71%, and the infrared account for 22%. Although the energy of a ultraviolet photon is larger than that of a visible light or an infrared light, the visible light and infrared light "win" by the number. Traditional photocatalytic oxidation technology is only under the action of ultraviolet light oxidation degradation of organic pollutants. And jiangyin day state quantum coating technology co., LTD. Product of visible light catalytic oxidation technology products and the quantum level TiO2, its function can occur not only in the visible light photocatalytic oxidation degradation, but also can catalytic oxidation degradation under ultraviolet and infrared light reaction, it is a new full spectrum response of the photocatalytic technology, greatly improved the efficiency. 

Post time: Jul-13-2022