The invention patent has been commended by the government and won some prizes for scientific and technological progress

The Chinese government insists on rewarding scientific and technological progress, inventions and innovations every year, so as to promote scientific and technological progress, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and promote the continuous development of patent undertakings. Among the award-winning patents, our company's scientific and technological progress achievements and independent fr a2 core patented technologies have played a good role in promoting the city's economic and social development, and at the same time promoted the city's innovation-driven development strategy. Evaluation experts believe that this not only reflects that invention patents are a symbol of the level of technological innovation, but also reflects the good results achieved by my country's vigorous implementation of the intellectual property strategy. 

invention patent

In recent years, our company has led the scientific research team to innovate continuously in appearance after years of research, filling the gap in related technical fields such as fr a2 ACP, PVC film lamination panel in our country, and producing obvious economic benefits in the implementation. From the competent departments to scientific researchers and other innovative subjects, they attach great importance to invention and creation, rely on scientific and technological progress and innovation, and take a new path of industrialization.

With the improvement of our company's independent innovation capability, the quantity and quality of invention patents in the scientific and technological circles have increased significantly, which has played an important role in my country's economic and social development.

The leaders of our company said that scientific and technological progress and intellectual property itself have an inevitable close relationship, and the role of invention patents is increasingly prominent, and it is also an important manifestation of science and technology as the primary productive force. The growth of invention patents in the scientific and technological circles marks the significant improvement of my country's independent innovation capability, marks that my country is moving from a patent power to a patent power, and also marks that my country's pace of building an innovative country is accelerating.

Post time: Jun-18-2022