Questions to consider when selecting the wainscoting.

One of the main components of wainscoting is the molding finish, which is also a component that occupies a large proportion of the overall wallboard. Modeling face is mainly composed of left and right edge spike, up and down the pier (according to the wall panel length will also increase the pier and middle spike), modeling core board and press line four parts. 

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According to the change of different styles, the face shape also changes accordingly. Common decorative surface will also be equipped with carved, some in the edge transom wharf, some in the core board, some in the line, and some can also be the same group of carved on these three, to form an overall effect. The position of carvings and size, mostly according to the modelling of wallboard itself and size and decide, do not have specific standard at all.

Questions to consider when choosing a wainscoting: 

1. Material selection for Wainscoting. 

From the type of substrate can be divided into wood and plastic two categories, wood can be divided into strip profiles and the whole sheet of two kinds;

From the base material processing technology can be divided into solid wood composite board, medium density board and plywood three. 

No matter what kind of material the base material is, the surface has been processed, with pure solid wood natural texture, imitation solid wood, imitation stone, imitation ceramic tile, imitation wallpaper, anti-wood stick, mandrake, teak, oak, and other patterns and colors. The Wainscoting of solid wood composite is more used in home decoration. 

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2. Wainscoting quality selection. 

The quality of Wainscoting can be verified both internally and externally. The internal quality of the main test of the surface hardness and substrate and surface veneer bonding firm degree, good quality products, surface veneer hardness is high, impact resistance, wear resistance, scraping the surface with a knife without obvious scars, surface and substrate without detachment phenomenon.

The appearance quality mainly detects its simulation degree, the good quality product, the pattern lifelike, the processing specification is unified, the stitching freely, the decoration effect is good. The strip wainscoting shall be plastic sealed and free of distortion.

3. Understand the process of wainscoting. 

Brush waterproof or base film in the back first, moisture-proof;

Then separated by a layer of moisture-proof pearl cotton, large surface wood moisture-proof is very important, maintenance is basically to pry again; Woodworking board fixed on the wall, between the ground to leave about 1 cm, expansion joint and moisture-proof work;

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According to the design requirements of decorative panels and decorative lines, pay attention to panel sample selection, and strive to texture roughly the same; According to the desired paint effect treatment, primer, color, color, grinding, finish paint and so on a variety of processes; It's important to protect after you're done, and to remove protection when you're done. Now the eight lacquered things are not cheap. If the parapet area is large, it is recommended that the large air compressor operate.

Post time: Aug-23-2022