Is this the solid aluminum panel you are looking for which is one of the three main materials for architectural decoration?

Glass curtain wall, dry hanging stone and solid aluminum panel are the three main materials for architectural decoration. Nowadays, the development of "high appearance level" facade solid aluminum panel has become a new choice for many building curtain wall decoration. Because solid aluminum panel belongs to the green environmental protection material, has many advantages, hierarchical, diverse modeling, can bring a strong visual impact, and with its light quality, good strength in high-rise buildings show a strong advantage, It is suitable for all kinds of building interior and exterior wall, corridor frame, pedestrian bridge, lobby facade, canopy, beam column decoration, door head, advertising signs, indoor irregular ceiling decoration, etc. 


Solid aluminum panel curtain wall will make the whole building facade become smart, expensive and rich sense of quality. The color of outdoor solid aluminum panel is not only limited to white, gray, gold and other common monochrome facade, there are a variety of imitation wood grain, imitation stone grain, painting and other series, in the ever-changing colors and patterns, transmission of different decorative mystery, for the image of the city constantly add light and color.

The solid aluminum panel of wood grain imitation series can not only realize the meticulous and natural sense of wood grain, but also is far better than solid wood material in terms of weather resistance and modeling ability.

Imitation stone solid aluminum panel can adapt to the appearance of the building solemn, air style, easily show the material charm of stone, while avoiding the shortcomings of poor ductility, heavy, environmental pollution, harmful radiation, monotonous modeling and so on.

Various solid aluminum panel shapes bring fresh and new visual feelings to the building, which is a new material commonly used in residential and commercial buildings. As a decorative, beautiful aluminum products, sending out a thick artistic atmosphere. According to different designs, it can be made into hollow carved solid aluminum panel, curved solid aluminum panel, conical solid aluminum panel, arc solid aluminum panel and other shapes. Or modern, or classical, or heavy color, or ancient mystery, reflecting the rich and rhyme of the space design sense. The hollow solid aluminum panel is not only very decorative, but also reflects the changeable and gorgeous space through the light. At present, exhibition halls, supermarkets, large shopping plazas and other public places mostly choose hollow out solid aluminum panel with strong sense of modern decoration, because these places can see a good decorative effect with the help of lighting.

Solid aluminum panel in addition to beautiful, also very practical, good performance. The surface of aluminum plate is sprayed with fluorocarbon, which greatly improves the product's acid rain resistance, weather resistance and other properties. It is favored by the owners of airports, office buildings, gymnasiums, villas and other buildings, and is a new choice for urban image engineering decoration.

Post time: Jul-12-2022