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Alubotec Zinc Composite Panel is a solid thermoplastic core formed from two 0.5mm thick zinc sheets sandwiched in a continuous process without the use of glues or adhesives, or filled with a mineral core for optimum fire response. Alubotec Zinc Composite Panels combine the quality, elegance and durability of zinc with the rigidity and light weight of composite panels. Alubotec composites offer unique architectural possibilities for the facade.

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Surface materials and thermal insulation materials are non-combustible materials, which can fully meet the requirements of fire protection regulations for prefabricated houses. Various studies have shown that it has been widely used in foreign countries for more than 40 years. The shelf life of color steel plates treated with special coatings is 10-15 years, and later Spray anti-corrosion paint every 10 years, and the life of the prefab board can reach more than 35 years. The clear lines of the beautiful profiled color steel plate are as many as dozens of colors, which can meet the needs of any style of prefab buildings and achieve satisfactory results. It has good flatness and rigidity with large size panels, and also has strong dimensional stability, we can solve complex shapes.

Due to the characteristics of copper, copper profiles have good resistance, and it is not easy to deform and destroy under the influence of external forces during application. With this advantageous feature, this type of copper material can perform very well in long-term applications.

Relying on good ductility and plasticity, copper profiles can use this feature to resist the negative impact of external forces and avoid being affected by external forces. This type of copper material can show stable and firm application effects.

With the characteristics of high compressive strength and good resistance, the overall structure of the copper profile must be very appropriate. Such a structure can be used stably and reliably, and always play its role normally.


Panel width

980mm, 1000mm

Panel thickness

3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm

Zinc thickness

0.5mm, 0.7mm

Panel length

2440mm, 3200mm (up to 5000mm)

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