Regulation method and strategy of deformation of curtain wall Solid Aluminum Panel.

1. Since China's reform and innovation and opening up policy, Chinese society in all aspects of ability are constantly changing with each passing day, especially for the construction industry, but also the booming previous economic development. Businesses all over the country are building a new type of education and teaching buildings are springing up and getting taller and taller. To meet the use of super high-rise curtain wall solid aluminum panel, from the structure: One is we can't produce thermal stress and the other is to satisfy the super-tall green building because of natural vibration and the wind load effect on the amplitude can be increased, the curtain wall solid aluminum panel in-plane deformation of the requirement, in order to guarantee the whole curtain wall solid aluminum panel anti-shock design results, curtain wall solid aluminum panel displacement problem must be able to meet the requirements of 25.5 mm, It is required that the curtain wall solid aluminum panel plate must be floating connected with the structure frame under the premise of meeting the different strength requirements.

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2. Curtain wall solid aluminum panel using edge rib and the rib in the assembly, welding, riveting or directly on the plate stamping materials forming Angle, the Angle of yards of fixed a screw hole open into Zhang Kong, aluminum panel and frame structure design must be floating as connection, but also in the solid aluminum panel and setting edge rib reinforcement, in order to ensure the folding solid aluminum panel don't affect the assembly work stress, And ensure the production of solid aluminum panel teaching quality, strengthen the reinforcement and plate assembly gap, environmental temperature difference caused by the stress, to solve the deformation problem due to the plate phenomenon, to ensure the smoothness of the enterprise overall building curtain wall solid aluminum panel.


3. Curtain wall solid aluminum panel reinforcement bars should be floating. The connection and installation sequence is to fix the Angle code at both ends of the middle rib without reinforcement with the pull core rivets or the edge rib frame tapping screws, so that the gap between the upper part of the middle rib and the pressure plate is formed, and the gap between the end and the corner code is maintained.

Post time: Aug-01-2022