China’s construction cost industry has entered the era of big data.

Construction industry as a traditional industry, in the tide of information development, its information process has been advancing slowly. This is not only limited by its industry characteristics, the traditional construction industry project-based development and implementation management mode, the fluidity of projects leads to the construction industry can not be solid and effective implementation of information construction. On the other hand, it is also because the construction industry informatization has not found a good entry point, in the basic application has basically realized the software, the construction industry informatization process once again encountered a bottleneck. Unable to find a suitable breakthrough, under the project-based development and implementation management mode, large-scale investment is not possible, and the informatization process of the construction industry is struggling.

China's construction engineering cost industry has always been the short leg of information construction, the traditional characteristics and professional characteristics of the industry lead to the level of information industry has not been a good progress for a long time. However, since the government released the management of the project cost, the industry has achieved considerable development under the promotion of market forces. Especially in the cost of the industry leader represented by the push, engineering cost industry from paper to line, from a single inquiry to manual inquiry, from local to national......

China's construction cost industry has entered the era of big data since 2014, when Cost Tong launched the first big data service platform for the construction industry. The combination of cloud computing and big data solves the problems of data platform construction, data storage, data security management, data standardization and classification, data analysis and so on, which are headache for engineering cost practitioners.


The application of big data in China's construction cost industry has brought unprecedented changes:

First, the low cost implementation of enterprise cloud computing data platform, with the aid of cloud data solutions, implementation of the data dynamic and effective management system and safety, more comprehensive and more targeted enhance the level of construction project cost information, help enterprise under the premise of cost control to realize the efficient management of information resources.

Secondly, the project cost information data security. The data is stored in the cloud, so you don't have to invest in data storage and management. 7*24 service, offline inquiry automatically imported into the cloud database. Effective enterprise core cost information data use authority management and supervision monitoring, the use of cloud data security solutions, to ensure the safety of project cost information data, save the need for self-built database of huge investment.

Moreover, cloud computing technology integrates platform resources, and big data services provide first-line prices in the past, present and future markets at all times, grasp the dynamics of the national building materials market, and help Chinese construction enterprises reduce operating costs and improve their market competitiveness.

Finally, the standardized project cost information data classification and management. According to the national standard of building materials intelligent classification, 48 categories, more than 1000 subcategories, automatic intelligent storage enterprise building materials price data by classification. The personalized customization with the support of big data technology realizes the query, inquiry and database service customization of project cost information.

Cloud computing technology has undoubtedly brought great progress to China's construction cost industry. In the form of platform as a service, it provides users with services including enterprise data application, management, storage and customization, and users can easily enjoy big data services at low cost through the network.

Post time: Jul-29-2022